Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Quotes on Finn's Literacy with an Attitude

"The working-class children were learning to follow directions
and do mechanical, low-paying work, but at the same time they were
learning to resist authority in ways sanctioned by their community.
The middle-class children were learning to follow orders and do the
mental work that keeps society producing and running smoothly.
They were learning that if they cooperated they would have the
rewards that well-paid, middle-class work makes possible outside
the workplace..."

"Those who are smartest and work hardest go
furthest?" Who's kidding whom? When students begin school in
such different systems, the odds are set for them..."

I feel That These two quotes really explain and sum with some of the main points in what Finn is trying to say. 

In the first quote we find out that the working class families stay working class families because their children are learning how to work, this may be because of their geographic location, the schools in their towns, and also the teachers in the schools. Now on the other hand the Middle class families are better and deserve better, so that they are more capable to become successful. 

Also the first quote is a great representation of our readings, videos, and class discussions about the Separate and Unequal. The fact that the Middle class is "better" than the working class, and also ties into my second quote

In the second quote Finn talks about that there are times that no matter how hard you work sometimes your future is already set out for you. Like in the first quote where it basically says that the Working class stays the Working class and the Middle class as well. that students in the low working class schools may not have the opportunity to move up, like lets say the middle class can. Finn puts it perfect the odds are already set out for them.

No matter what race or gender all students no matter what class should get equal opportunities to determine what their future has in store for them.   

Middle Class

Working Class