Thursday, May 2, 2013


This also goes with the underlying messages in Disney movies, plus I also get a kick out of watching this stuff because I never really did notice these while watching these movies.

Here's the link just in case it doesn't play.

Shor: Extended comments

I really like the quote the Rich Broderick pick out, along with a few points he makes. Shor states "“A participatory classroom offers chances to hear the largely silent voices of students from which teachers learn how to integrate subject matter into their existing knowledge. Students routinely hold back their voices as a means of resisting traditional classrooms where authority is unilateral and where they lack an inspiring life of the mind which speaks to their dreams and needs"

I'm always the quiet one in class when it comes to class discussions. I normally talk in class but its to my friends about what was going on after school. then I came to college and became the quiet kid. I never really talked in class until FNED 346. Dr. Bogad does not let you be quiet in her class, everyone must talk at least once a class, and this is a great way to get everyone's opinions out. I found myself talking a lot more then I do in all my other classes, also I felt a lot more comfortable in this class then I do in my other classes because of the community that was built, like a safe space to connect it to a reading from earlier in the semester.

Participation in the classroom is a must, everyone should do it because it allows you to get a better understanding of whats going on. And now I see why this was the last reading of the semester.