Monday, March 25, 2013

In the Service of What?

Kahne and Westheimer goes into detail about all the different ways community service projects can be done. Wither it was helping baby's who's mother were on crack when pregnant, to making survival kits for the homeless  there are many ways to do goo in the community. This article made me think about all the community service that I have done. I volunteer every summer to coach the North Providence High School basketball team in a league they play in at Evans field park in North Providence. I help with the scoreboards and score books every march at the North Providence youth basketball all star tournament. I have also done some yard work at my local church Mary Mother of Mankind trying to make the outside look better. Along with the Service Learning project for our FNED 346 class.

Being in the North Providence basketball community I see the same kids all the time and, i get to see how hard they work, watch then succeed, and watch them grow as both players and people and i am glad that i get to be a part of that. Also by stating a rule that says if you do not do good in school you cannot play in the summer.

To make a difference in others is what community service is all about. to do something for others and it is not all about you.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Christensen Argurment

This author Christensen argues that children shows and cartoons are giving kids "a secret education". shes talks about how bad that this things are for kids now a days. how these kind of things show them how to act, and what to do, and teach them about racism, and violence.

She is right about how some cartoons and shows may have a second meaning and or an underlining message, but I will argue the face that because of what I do now and how I act is all because of the shows that I watched as a kid. I'm not racist, or discrimination towards women or anybody for that matter like in what Christensen says that Popeye does with women.

These are just shows to entertain children. If these kids are really influenced by these shows then why do parents let them watch them? If they are really getting a secret education why aren't these kids acting like the shows. Kids today are not racist, or really violent for that matter.

The argument that she is making that these television shows and underlining have a tremendous impact on children. I feel that there are meanings in these shows that can be taken as bad, or sexist, and or racist and violent but I don't believe that it is to the extent that Christensen says. Kids are too young to realize those messages that's why I believe that these shows don't have a huge effect on kids, if they did parents would not let their kids watch them.

Reflection on White Power McIntosh

This Piece really opened my eyes to the fact that white power is "invisible". This Statement that McIntosh made actually opened my mind and I believe that it is true. Growing up as a white, middle class child, in a nice house, in a great area, I never really realized the nice things that were given to me, and that opportunities that I had for being white. Some white people think that because they are white think that they are soupier to everyone else, and McIntosh argues that.  I can walk around holding my head straight and don't really have to worry about looking around to see who's watching me but that is not the case for a lot of people of different races in this country. I even catch myself doing it at work with the security guards (I don't mean to do it, and by no means am I racist) but we worry about other races a whole lot more than whites, when in fact we end up catching more white people stealing than we do of people of other races. but this piece opened my eyes to how white power is invisible, and is in our everyday life, and we may do it and don't even realize it.

About Me

My name is Greg Conroy. I am a double major of physical and Health education with a coaching minor, and in my sophomore year at RIC. I live in North Providence RI, and I commute to school because I live literally five minutes away.  I work at Providence Place Mall, and I am also a Freshmen basketball coach at Smithfield High School. I need to take this class for my major, but I am looking forward to this class because so far the way Dr. Bogad has run it it has been pretty enjoyable to go.