Thursday, May 2, 2013


Students with disabilities have been segregated from as some people in society say the"normal kids". they are in a section of the school that has the most minimal passing time with the other kids.

This got me thinking about my high school, and it is designed the same way. the special education classroom is located in the basement, and they have movies of their classes in their, with the exception of gym, and senior skills (which is a class you work on you final high school project in order to graduate). Lucky for me my class was the class where the kids with special needs would come up and work on their projects with us. To me they seemed if not the same better then myself and my friends in the class, work ethics wise, and also i would say more well behaved. But me and my friends would work with this two students named Jimmy, and Paul. They would sit with us every period and we would laugh, tell jokes,and work with them. They were really pretty funny kids, and they were probably  the two most known kids in the school. They ran my school like boss's, especially Jimmy. he would stand up on the lunch tables and just dance whenever he wanted.

This is a touchy subject with  me because i don't like when i see someone treat kids with down syndrome any different then they would with me, because I have a cousin with Down syndrome and there are enough problems that he has to face in his life, that doesn't need to be made worse by anyone trying to get a laugh.I make sure to accept everyone no matter what, and that's what school need to start doing is mixing these special needs kids in the classroom with the "normal" kids, just like in the video that we watched in class. because with what we saw in the video it makes a huge difference in BOTH lives. 

 This is a video of a special needs basketball player who is on the court with normal kids in a real game, and has an unbelievable performance!

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