Thursday, May 2, 2013

Safe Spaces

Gerri August talks about the hushed topic of the LGBT issues. also how teaches offend and maybe even sometime ignore these LGBT students, maybe without even knowing it.

He comes out with his statement that to mee needs to start happening before its to late. “We adult’s need to pay attention because the stakes are high; these moment’s shape attitudes and ideologies have physical and psychological consequences- particularly for LGBT youth.”

I don't want to start and sound dramatic here but after reading that quote it reminded me about a topic that i discussed in my Social Perspectives on Health class. There was a student in college who was gay, and his roommate hid a camera in the room and caught him having sex with his gay partner and posted it on the internet, the kids committed suicide the next day.

I know that that's not the full extent of what the story is, or in fact what August point is trying to make, it just the fact that we do need to start accepting the LGBT community, we need to acknowledge that they are around because no matter what we do the tolls of our actions has a huge affect on them physically or Psychologically by the "Norms" of society by wither making fun of them, or ignoring their existence all together. 

We need to create a safe space for these kids, where they can go and not have to worry about bullying, or being ignored. as a future, i know that i will make my classroom environment very safe, it is my duty as an educator to make sure no one in my class falls under physical or mental attack by anyone for any means, that is what August is trying to say, make safe spaces.  

This Video is about LGBT

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