Thursday, May 2, 2013

Wise/ Brown v Board Reflection/ Extendxed Comments

Racial segregation "ended" on May 17 1954, but in fact is racism really gone? Tim Wise argues the fact that racism is gone, but in my eyes its still around. Wise breaks racism up into two parts, 1, and 2. part 1 is the fact of the matter that the obvious and what comes to be the expected racism towards people that even those who are not affected can see. then part 2 is when whites and non whites have equal opportunities in both education and in workplace, or really any given field. I myself don't get to see this first hand but that doesn't mean that its not going on. Just take Tiarra's example of when she worked at target, that's a form of racism, we even still hear about it, we watch a TV show on it in class on how it still exists in shopping areas all around the country.  

Racism still exists, it not not be so much out there like it used to be but its more looked down upon and most people cant see it because it doesn't affect them. But by no means is it gone

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