Thursday, May 2, 2013

Reflection on Orenstein's Cinderella ate my Daughter

Orenstein points out the fact that these Disney princess's are role models for the girls today, which I 100% agree with. you see it all the time girls of all ages walking around with princess backpacks, books, pens, pencils, I am sure their rooms etc. Even on Tories laptop is Snow white eating the apple on her mac.

Even connecting this with Christensen's about the underlying messages in movies, i feel that these to go hand and hand. in one case i feel that some girls believe that they are princess's and strive to be that. Each girl is a princess in her own way but not the way that these ladies are shown. Also they expect a prince charming, which makes it nearly impossible for almost any guy to live up to expectations. Or even perhaps where some of these girl where they need a man, i know like in the Princess diaries, with Ann Hathaway she needs a man to become queen, which may make little girls think they they need a man and become dependent on them and bounce from guy to guy. these are all little underlying messages.    

These Disney princess's have a toll on girls everywhere, trying to compare and make themselves look like and act like them, living in the fantasy world of Disney that is controlling the minds of these girls.

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