Thursday, May 2, 2013

Rodriguez Arguement

Richard Rodriguez throws out the fact that there should only be one language spoken in school. Rodriguez was a bilingual student growing up, where he spoke Spanish only at home, once his school found out they told them to speak English at home, so going from being able to speak the language that is easier to you to go to a language that you barely even know is so tough that i know i could never do that.


I feel that this is a practice that should not happen, we should accept a kids home language with the social language just like the way Collier says. If you take away what these kids know they are not gonna be able to learn the tools to succeed, they are going to be lost and confused. We need to embrace their language and it will help them learn a new one and make them more comfortable, or life a safe space for them.


Rodriguez says that English needs to be the primary or public language while Spanish is the "private language". Why cant these languages be equal, if it makes it easier for someone to use both then why not?

Just the whole way that Rodriguez talks about English comes first is wrong. In today's society I feel that Spanish is just as useful as English, not only in schools, but in the workplace, and even in social life, it is better to be able to be a bilingual speaker that just having one.

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